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Nen Aura Categories

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#1 DragonCrafter Alex

DragonCrafter Alex


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Posted 08 January 2014 - 20:50

(Θα γράψω εδώ τις περιγραφές και πληροφορίες για κάθε μία από τις κατηγορίες με δικά μου λόγια, χωρίς copy/paste από κάποιο site. Παρακαλώ αν κάνω κάποιο λάθος πείτε το σε pm για να το διορθώσω.)


Nen. It's the techique for using and manipulating your own life energy, also called as aura. Everybody have and can use Nen, but only a few can actually release and manipulate at their own free will their aura. Some naturally learn how to manipulate Nen simply by focusing their life to a certain art. For example, a runner that practices his art will slowly (depending on the person) start to release his life force, absorb it and strengthen themselves beyond the average human, somemetimes beyond human limits. However, it's possible that the same runner will have no knowledge of actually using their life force. Those who know and use their aura at their own free will are called Nen Users.


Nen, just like all other arts, have some principles you need to follow in order to use it and master it. Those are:


Ten (Point)


Nen Aura will naturally flow away from your body. Once it's completely relieved, the person will collapse from fatique. By using Ten one is able to make their Aura flow but not leaking away from their body. Basically is shrouds the body with Aura, also enabling the user to protect himself from standard Nen Attacks (physical Nen attacks don't apply to this) Ten mantains the age of the user, slowing down the aging process. By training, one can improve the quality of their Ten, thus empowering their entire Nen.


Zetsu (Supress)


Zetsu, unlike Ten, stops the Aura from flowing from your body alltogether. This will leave the user completely defenceless from Nen attacks (even a weak strike with Nen can prove to be fatal) but by using Zetsu they are more sensitive to Aura, also making it harder and next to impossible for someone to track their own position. Zetsu can also be used to recover Aura, but it's extremely dangerous to do so during battle.


Ren (Enhance)


Ren is a direct application of Ten. It increases the flow from Ten depending on how much the user wants, expanding their Aura without it leaking away (due to Ten) and enhancing it to greater levels (due to Ren) Ren is primarily used for offence, unlike Ten which is used for defence. Depending on how you use that Aura next, one will be able to move to the fourth and final principle.


Hatsu (Act)


Hatsu is the form of one's aura for a specific fuction (act) By enhancing your own Ren you can create Hatsu, otherwise called Nen Ability. Abilities differ from person to person for various reasons, mainly because they reflect one's character.



While  these are the principles for using and mastering Nen as a life force, Nen is also put into different categories depending on the form they take. These are:


Enhancer (Kyōkakei)

Enhancers are the Nen users who are the most balanced between offence and defence. Their attacks are simple but very effective. Enhancers can also use their aura for faster healing (from both injuries and illness)


Transmuter {Henkakei)

Transmuters are able to change their aura flow into something different. For example, one can change their aura flow to fire, or lightining.


Conjurer (Gugenkakei)

Conjurers are able to use their Hatsu to create an object that is made entirely out of Nen. Nen objects can have physical substance. Any kind of living creature, like a Nen lion is considered a Nen Object, sometimes also called Nen Beast.


Emitter (Hōshutsukei)

Emitters are able to project their Aura from their body, enabling them to seperate it from their body and controlling as they will. While projecting your aura will naturally weaken it over time, were you to strengthen your Ten and Ren you will be able to mantain or refresh your Aura faster.


Manipulator (Sōsakei))


Manipulators are able to use their own Aura to control living or non-living beings, thus being able to manipulate them as they see fit. Especially when it comes to controlling living creatures, the conditions are harsh, often putting the Manipulator at risk.


Specialist (Tokushitsukei)


Specialists is any kind of ability that does not fall directly under the previously mentioned. A Specialist's ability may be a combination of 2 or more Nen Categories. Specialists are extremely rare, with only a very small amount of Nen Users that can actually fall into that category.


Please look at this chart





While everybody can become a Specialist, the ones with the highest chance of becoming so are Manipulators or Conjurers. Please note you can belong into only one Nen category, but you are also able to use and create abilties from other Categories as well, however with less efficiency with one falling directly under them. For example, if someone falls into the Enhancer Category, they have 100% chance of mastering that category, but they can master Emitter and Transmuter abilities up to a maximum 60%, followed by Manipulator and Conjurer abilties up to a maximum of 40%. All categories have a 0% chance of becoming a Specialist, unless certain conditions are met for specific Nen Users.

(Reserved for Nen Applications, Water Divination and other information regarding Nen)

Edited by DragonCrafter Alex, 08 January 2014 - 20:50.


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#2 DragonCrafter Alex

DragonCrafter Alex


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Posted 10 January 2014 - 00:56

Nen Applications


There are ways that you can use your Nen, without having to fall into the Nen categories. These can be either combinations of Ten, Zetsu, or Ren, or simply a more advanced and specific form of them. They are as followed.




Gyo is a more advanced form of Ren, which is used to produce more than the normal Nen Aura in one specific part of the body. However, because you focus your Ren into a single point, it causes your Nen to be unbalanced, so the rest of the body is more vulnerable. Gyo is more often used to the eyes, enabling Nen users to see Nen Aura even if it's hidden.




In is an advanced form of Zetsu, which makes your Nen Aura invinsible to other Nen Users. In can also be used to Hatsu Principle, making your Hatsu undetected. In can be countered by using Gyo or En.




En is an combination of both Ten and Ren. With Ren you extend the Aura beyond your body and then Ten is used to mantain it to the point of your extension and give it a shape, usually a sphere. When somebody enters your En state you will be able to identify them at once, even if they are using In. While in En you can feel every movement, shape or Nen, using it is extremely tiring. The more you extend, the faster you will expense your Nen.




Shu is an advanced application of Ten. Shu enshrouds an object (not Nen Objects) allowing the user to be able to use that object like they were to use their own body. This means the object is considered to be as strong as your Nen allows it to be. You can give a further shape to Shu, making objects sharper, or simply more durable.




Ken in an advanced form of Ren. A Nen User can use their Ren state as a defence from other Nen attacks. This application is called Ken. Ken protects the whole body in balance, unlike Gyo, but is extremely tiring to keep it for too long.




Ko is an advanced form of Ren, where you focus your entire Nen Aura into one part of the body, leaving completely unprotected the rest of the body. This is extremely risky, as a Nen attack to an unprotected part of the body can completely destroy it.




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